About us

Who WE ARE :

Jet Flow Technologies is one of the fastest growing and leading designer, manufacturer, and exporter of energy efficient industrial equipments for process and power sectors.. We are relatively a young team of expert engineers and renowned technocrats supported by the promoters who have acquired high end technologies from the west and are in the field of handling steam for over two decades. We have three divisions, namely Vacuum Division (for SJAE, Multistage Steam Jet Ejector Vacumm System, Thermocompressors, Eductors, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, and Thermo Vapor Compressor), Valve Division (for Control Valve and Steam Desuperheater) and Heat Transfer Division (for Surface Condenser, LP/HP Feed Water Heater, Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessels and Cryogenic Storage Tank and Ambient Vaporizer). Combining we can supply about 30 to 40 different type of highly advanced engineering equipments and special valves solution, meeting customers’ most critical applications, improving process efficiencies and performance, and helping in energy conservation. With our strategic alliance with LVI Systems, you have the option to buy, either Made in India or Made in France or both from a single window.


We specialize in design, manufacturing and supply of Steam Jet Air Ejectors (SJAE), Turbine Vacuum Systems, Multiple Stage Steam Jet Ejector, Steam Jet Ejector with Water Ring Vacuum Pump Combination System, Steam Jet Thermocompressor, Jet Mixer, Liquid / Water Jet Ejector, Jet Venturi Fume / Gas Scrubber, LP / HP Feed Water Heater, Surface Condenser, Gland Steam Condenser, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Lube Oil Coolers, Cryogenic Storage Tank, Cryogenic Ambient Vaporizer, Steam Conditioning Valves, PRDS, Steam Desuperheaters, Multi Nozzle Desuperheaters, Pneumatically Operated Pressure Control Valve / On-off Valve, Butterfly type Control Valve, V-Notch Ball Valve, Cage Guided Globe / Angle Type Control Valve and other severe service control valves with Velocity Control Trim etc, in various material of construction meeting international codes like ANSI, ASME, HEI, TEMA and in special case ASME Section VIII.



We have three dedicated facility for Vacumm & Heat Transfer Divisions and one unit for Valves in Western India togerther with fabrication facility in Brazil and Indonesia. This combined with its modern R&D centre, its high standards for quality and its customer-focused approach. We have supplied more than 500 Vacuum and Condencing Systems and over 4000 Valves all over the world. All Ejectors as far as possible are performance tested at our facility prior to shipment by our inspection personnel and / or if requested in the presence of the client’s inspecting authority, as per H.E.I. Standards or ASME PTC 24.  Our steam generation capacity at our test facility is about 10,000 Kg/hr @ 17.5 Kg/cm2 (g) while cooling water capacity is 1200 TR. “with this test facility, we have been able to ensure foolproof performance of our system at all our sites. This test facility of ours is one of the largests in Asia”. With years of experience gained over the most demanding markets, JET FLOW constantly innovates with materials that have established international reputation especially in high technologies.



Our highly trained team of professionals study and identify customer needs by delivering world class solutions on time. We have achieved highest standards for our customers by providing well designed engineered equipments and special valves solutions for various critical and non-critical applications. We do Thermal design of Ejectors, Condensers, Heaters, Coolers. Mechanical design of Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels. Line sizing, Pressure drop and material selection. Establishing a precise, trim characteristic, for high pressure, let-down Control valves and important seat leakage problems on Severe Service Control Valves. Preparation of P&ID, General Arrangement and detailed fabrication drawings. Preparation of equipment layout and isometrics etc. usng latest softwares like PV Elite-2010 for Mechanical design, Aspen HTFS+ TEAMS For Mechanical design, Aspen HTFS+TASC+ For Thermal design, HTRI For Thermal design of Shel l& Tube Exchangers, CATIA for valves and other in-house developed programs.



JET FLOW can supply equipments with the following certifications :

•Jobs with “U” stamping.

•“NB” stamping of National Board of America.
•CRN registration for exports to Canada.
•GOSHT certification for Russia
•DOSH approval for exports to Malaysia.
•AS1210 – 1997 for exports to Australia
•Heat Exchangers as per API-660 for Refineries.
•Vessels and Heat Exchanger as per IBR.

And under any 3rd party consultants and inspection agencies.