We have three divisions, namely Vacuum Division, Valve Division and Heat Transfer Division. Combining we can supply about 30 to 40 different type of highly advanced engineering equipments and special valves solution, meeting customers’ most critical applications, improving process efficiencies and performance, and helping in energy conservation. We design, manufacturing and supply of Steam Jet Air Ejector (SJAE), Turbine Vacuum System, Multiple Stage Steam Jet Ejector, Steam Jet Ejector with Water Ring Vacuum Pump Combination System, Steam Jet Thermo Compressor, Jet Mixer, Liquid / Water Jet Ejector, Jet Venturi Fune / Gas Scrubber, Lp / Hp Feed Water Heater, Steam Surface Condenser, Gland Steam Condenser, Dump Condenser, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Lube Oil Coolers, Cryogenic Storage Tank, Cryogenic Ambient Vaporizer, Steam Conditioning Valve, PRDS, Steam Desuperheater, Multi Nozzle Desuperheater, Pneumatically Operated Pressure Control Valve, On-off Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Butterfly type Control Valve, V-Notch Ball Valve, Cage Guided Globe / Angle Type Control Valve and other severe service control valves with Velocity Control Trim etc, in various material of construction meeting international codes like ANSI, ASME, HEI, TEMA and in special case ASME Section VIII. Come, together we can build a better tomorrow.

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